Art Gallery of Sri Chinmoy in Ottawa


About the Artist

Sri-Chinmoy-ContemplationSri Chinmoy was a fully illumined spiritual master whose artistic creations served as a tangible expression of his enlightenment, conveying the profound joy, beauty, colour, dynamism and spontaneity of the inner worlds. Through art, writing, music, meditation, humanitarian projects and athletics, Sri Chinmoy offered boundless inspiration for happiness and peace in the world.

Art for Peace

“When it is a matter of my paintings, there is no mind, no form. Something within me is coming to the fore freely, effortlessly, with infinite inspiration…spreading its beauty and light so that my paintings flow spontaneously. When I paint, I try to go deep within to the source of creativity where it is all peace, calmness and quiet.
I feel that when people look at my art and find peace, this helps to bring forward their own soul’s qualities and thus increase their own wisdom and joy. When looking at my art, they enter not into the battlefield of life but into a garden of light—the garden of their heart’s divine reality.” ~ Sri Chinmoy