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The Sri Chinmoy Centre of Ottawa offers free meditation workshops and classes throughout the year as a community service. Meditation is about uncovering the peace, beauty and joy which is already within yourself.  We feel that in giving these classes we are only helping you to uncover what you already have, and that is why we do not charge for them.

Our workshops introduce a range of techniques to help you to develop a successful home meditation practice. Following our introductory classes of four or five sessions, we offer an ongoing continuation program—also free of charge—to further deepen your meditation experience.

Aspects of Our Meditation Classes:

  • Spiritual breathing — how to use calming breath to put out the fire of emotions and thoughts.
  • The power of concentration – the key to a good meditation practice.
  • Visualization techniques – guided meditations to invoke a peaceful and expanding inner landscape.
  • Meditating on the heart centre – the core of your being…
  • The power of soulful music – the next best thing to meditation.
  • Mantras and mantric songs – an ancient way of tapping into a source of joy that lies within.
  • Meditating with a Spiritual Master.
  • Integral Yoga: a self-transcending and illumining lifestyle.

Everybody is different – some meditation techniques will work for some people and not for others. In our courses we aim to introduce a wide variety of techniques to get you meditating effectively.

Our goal is to share the benefits of meditating and developing a deeper spiritual awareness, offer inspiration to create or deepen one’s personal meditation practice, and provide an opportunity, for those interested, to meditate as part of a spiritual community.

Hundreds of people have learned the life-transforming art of meditation from our classes. Whether you are a student or an executive, a baker or a banker, meditation will help you discover peace and happiness within.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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